Knowing Team Roles and making them Productive

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The core of this e-learning is the team role model according to the English researcher Raymond Meredith Belbin. Participants learn about the three main roles that are fundamentally important to fill in teams: activity-oriented roles, thinking- and problem-solving-oriented roles, and people-oriented roles. The strengths and weaknesses of each role are presented in detail, and understanding and appreciation of the role model and resulting role differences are fostered.

Learning Objectives
  • Know the role model according to Belbin

  • Apply the team role model in practice

  • Recognize which roles need to be filled in the team

  • Recognize which team members are suitable for which role

Target Group

(Junior) managers who want to shape the cooperation in their teams in the best possible way and employees who lead teams professionally



Multimedia e-learning, competence building through transfer tasks and checklists, with final test

Course Duration

60 Minutes

Technical requirements
  • Tablet, Notebook, PC, etc.

  • Reliable internet connection

  • Headset/Earphone

Activation Period

After your registration, you will get an email, containing your personal login details. Those are valid for the next 90 days



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Teamrollen erkennen und produktiv machen

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