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The e-learning course introduces the model of the "Johari window", which clarifies the difference between external and self-perception. It shows the "blind spot" and how feedback from outside can help to expand self-perception.

Learning Objectives
  • Getting to know feedback as a management tool and being able to apply it in everyday work

  • Being able to recognize the difference between self-perception and perception by others on the basis of the "Johari window" in order to be able to give employees constructive feedback

  • Being able to prepare and constructively apply critical feedback

  • Being able to use positive feedback in a way that promotes the development of the employee and the team

Target Group

Junior managers, employees with management tasks without a supervisor function and managers with a need for cooperative methods of team leadership



Multimedia e-learning, competence building through transfer tasks and checklists, with final test

Course Duration

60 Minutes

Technical requirements
  • Tablet, Notebook, PC, etc.

  • Reliable internet connection

  • Headset/Earphone

Activation Period

After your registration, you will get an email, containing your personal login details. Those are valid for the next 90 days



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