How to Give a Presentation

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Being able to present confidently and convincingly is a key skill in more and more professions. There are some basic techniques and methods that can be used to present content in an appealing and professional manner in order to achieve the goal of the presentation.

Learning Objectives
  • Aligning one's own presentation with the presentation objectives and the audience's perceptions.

  • Understand the structure of a presentation

  • Mastering and applying strategies for preparing the content of a presentation

  • Know the essential elements of organizational preparation and apply them to your own practice

Target Group

Employees or managers who want to acquire or improve basic, real-world presentation skills



Professional moderation, video lectures, learning questions, transfer tasks, key messages, and final test

Course Duration

60 Minutes

Technical requirements
  • Tablet, Notebook, PC, etc.

  • Reliable internet connection

  • Headset/Earphone

Activation Period

After your registration, you will get an email, containing your personal login details. Those are valid for the next 90 days



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