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Active listening is a method that helps prevent important information from being lost during a conversation. It requires full concentration and verbal control techniques to understand the other person's concerns and achieve better results. It is an important part of communication within teams and among leaders.

Learning Objectives
  • Be able to use active listening as a method

  • Utilize the benefits of active listening to have more effective conversations with employees, colleagues, and partners

  • Master different techniques of active listening

  • Be able to precisely hear what colleagues, employees, and team members need in order to work productively

Target Group

Employees who depend on a very good flow of information and (junior) managers, with the aim of communicating more effectively



Professional moderation, video lectures, learning questions, transfer tasks, key messages, and final test

Course Duration

50 Minutes

Technical requirements
  • Tablet, Notebook, PC, etc.

  • Reliable internet connection

  • Headset/Earphone

Activation Period

After your registration, you will get an email, containing your personal login details. Those are valid for the next 90 days



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