Leading with empathy

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Learning Objectives
  • Understanding the ways in which leadership requirements are currently changing
  • Understanding what empathy means, Recognizing the benefits of leading with empathy, but also the challenges associated with it
  • Reflecting on your own management style and how you interact with other people
  • Being more perceptive of other people, putting yourself in their shoes, and adjusting your own emotions to where they are at
  • Understanding people and their communication, their personality, and their motives better
  • Acting with empathy and engaging with people at their level
Target Group
  • Managers who want to learn how to take a measured and solution-oriented approach to leadership, even in challenging situations
  • Managers who want to develop their emotional and social skills and use them successfully in their dealings with their employees

Multimedia e-learning, competence building through transfer tasks and checklists, with final test

Course Duration

Approx. 80 Minutes

technical requirements
  • Terminal (Computer, Notebook, Tablet)
  • stable internet connection
  • Headset
Activation Period

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