How to Design and Prepare a Training

E-Learning | Wissensmanagement
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Learning Objectives
  • Obtaining professional briefings and ensuring that you understand what the client wants
  • Analysing the intended participants based on key factors
  • Being able to make the goals of the training course understandable
  • Knowing and using methods and techniques for compiling the content
  • Keeping an eye on the organisational demands and compiling professional seminar documents
Target Group

Specialists who want to pass on their know-how to employees and colleagues, trainers who want to be involved more in course design


Multimedia e-learning, dramatization of the subject matter in film scenes, building a knowledge base with explanatory films, consolidating lessons learned through exercises, final test

Course Duration

7 chapters that can betaken individually, approx. 45 minutes plus exercises

Also available in German.

technische Voraussetzungen
  • Endgerät (Rechner, Notebook, Tablet)
  • stabile Internetverbindung
  • Headset/Kopfhörer

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