Appraisal Dialog and Other One to One Meetings

E-Learning | Management & Führung
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Learning Objectives
  • Holding staff interviews with goals and structure
  • Finding the right approach for the employee and adhering to key communication rules
  • Preparing and structure professional dialogues
  • Holding feedback, critical and evaluation meetings
  • Holding annual, performance goal and personal development meetings
Target Group

Managers, Managing Directors, department heads, people with staff responsibility


Multimedia e-learning, dramatization of the subject matter in film scenes, building a knowledge base with explanatory films, consolidating lessons learned through exercises, building expertise with exercises, final test

Course Duration

8 chapters that can betaken individually, approx. 115 minutes plus exercises

Also available in German.

technische Voraussetzungen
  • Endgerät (Rechner, Notebook, Tablet)
  • stabile Internetverbindung
  • Headset/Kopfhörer

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