Active Listening

E-Learning | Softskills
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Learning Objectives
  • Being able to use active listening as a method
  • Using the advantages of active listening to hold more effective discussions with staff, colleagues and partners
  • Effectively using the different techniques of active listening
  • Being able to hear what colleagues, staff and team colleagues need, in order to be able to work productively
Target Group

Staff who need an excellent flow of information Managers, team workers, young managers who wish to communicate more effectively


Multimedia e-learning, dramatization of the subject matter in film scenes, building a knowledge base with explanatory films, consolidating lessons learned through exercises, building expertise with exercises, final test

Course Duration

4 chapters that can be taken individually, approx. 45 minutes plus exercises

Also available in German.

technische Voraussetzungen
  • Endgerät (Rechner, Notebook, Tablet)
  • stabile Internetverbindung
  • Headset/Kopfhörer

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